While your on your Bahamas vacation, casual summer clothing is appropriate during the day any time of the year, but for the cooler evenings from December to February be sure to bring a jacket or sweater  . Most of the better restaurants, hotels and casinos require jackets for men in the evening. Although you may feel like wearing your swimming suite,  beach clothing is inappropriate on the streets downtown, in churches, restaurants and casinos. On the more reclusive Out Islands, dress codes are more flexible.

Are things expensive in The Islands Of The Bahamas? Prices in The Islands Of The Bahamas are comparable to other destinations. Prices vary in relation to the product. Some luxury items, for example, liquor, perfume, watches and photography equipment can be more reasonably priced than in the Unites States. Breadbasket items tend to be more expensive than in the United States. Can I spend U.S. dollars in The Islands Of The Bahamas? Yes. The United States dollar is on par with the Bahamian dollar.

The legal tender is the Bahamian dollar (B$1), which is equivalent in value to the U.S. dollar. Both U.S. and Bahamian dollars are accepted interchangeably throughout the islands.

British rules apply, so please drive on the left and watch those roundabouts! Persons entering a roundabout (traffic circle) must give way to traffic coming from the right already on the roundabout. Visitors may use their home license for up to three months and may also apply for an international driver's license. Pedestrians should remember to look right before crossing streets.

Electricity is normally 120 volts AC. American appliances are fully compatible.


Emergency Numbers
The visitor emergency number for travelers in distress is 242-326-HELP.




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