Grand Bahama Island is the home of Freeport / Lucaya, the nation's second city, with a faster pace and a more cosmopolitan atmosphere than the old-world sophistication of Nassau. The hotels reflect this trend as well as the fantastic casinos. 

Freeport/Lucaya is a sportsman's paradise, and makes a perfect Bahamas vacation destination with championship golf, tennis, scuba diving, and fishing and some fantastic beach hotels. In fact, it was designed especially for your pleasure. Forty years ago Freeport/Lucaya didn't exist; today, it's a fantasy vacation made real on the shores of Grand Bahama.  


For unadulterated pleasure, there's no better getaway in The Bahamas. As the popular Bahamian song says: 

"If you can't find them--they're in Freeport or they're in jail"


Freeport/Lucaya isn't the only thing to see on a Grand Bahama vacation. The island itself has been settled for centuries, providing a rustic environment--if you want one--to your stay. The easternmost edge of the island has beaches which are entirely deserted. The towns of the West End, which during prohibition were a hideout for rum-runners, have an old-world charm. In the parks of the island, one can find remnants of the island's earliest Arawak civilizations, and the more recent intrusion by pirates. Your Grand Bahama vacation should include a look into the hidden histories and a delightfully shady past.  

With the turquoise ocean that most visitors declare is the most beautiful in all of the islands, and choices that include everything from deserted sands, unchanged since the days of the buccaneers to ultramodern resorts, Grand Bahama Island has the ability to please every sort of Caribbean vacationer. Where else could you shop at an all day International Bazaar, explore one of the largest underwater caves, stroll an exotic nature land in search of flamingos, swim with dolphins, and come face to face with sharks -- all in one day? You'll certainly want to take advantage of the East End's deserted beaches for an extended period of tropical relaxation. After all, it was the native Bahamians, the Arawaks, who invented the ultimate in relaxation: the hammock.  


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