The first thing to look for when your shopping in the Bahamas is  a pink flamingo decal on the door or windows. This signifies that all their brands are authentic and they have met strict government guidelines.  Don't be tricked into buying what you think is a "name brand item" at an unrealistic price. If it seems to good to be true, it probably is.

 Bahamian retail stores offer an astonishingly cheap assortment of  duty-free luxury items from all around the globe. Once you discover the great deals, you might find yourself coming back just for the shopping.  

Among the best bargains in the islands are watches, jewelry, clocks, china, crystal, leather goods, fine linens, and cameras. 

Along with the international products, you can also find great bargains on local goods, such as Bahamian weavings, jewelry, and crafts. 


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