Can I use my ATM Card on my Bahamas Vacation ?

Most of the larger islands have ATMs located in airport terminals, branch banks, most casinos, the larger hotels and other convenient locations. Most machines dispense local currency. Machines in casinos and at Rawson Square in Nassau dispense U.S. dollars.

When will the Banks be open on my vacation ?

Banking hours are 9:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 9:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. on Fridays. Most automatic teller machines (ATMs) are open 24 hours. Queries relating to banking regulations may be addressed to the Bank Supervision Department, Central Bank of The Bahamas, P.O. Box N-4868, Nassau, Bahamas, or call 242-322-2193.

Can I call home using my cell phone from the Bahamas ?

The Bahamas Telecommunications Corporation (BaTelCo) has automatic roaming agreements with cellular carriers in the United States, Canada and Mexico. BaTelCo's roaming partners include Aliant Cellular, Ameritech Cellular, BCTEL Mobility, Bell Mobility, Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile, BellSouth Mobility, Blue Ridge Cellular, Cantel, Cellular Holding, Cellular One Bay Area Cellular, Cellular One of Illinois, Cellular One of Southwest Florida, Comcast Cellular, Crowley Cellular, Dansbury Cellular, Pioneer/Enid Cellular, MT&T Mobile, NBTel Mobility, Radiofone, 360° Communications, Telcel, TELUS Mobility U.S. Cellular and Western Wireless.

If your home carrier has a roaming agreement with BaTelCo and your cellular number is active in The Islands Of The Bahamas, you can enjoy cellular service. Simply ensure that your phone is switched to system B and dial away!

  • To place a call, dial 7 digits for local calls and 10 digits for calls to the United States and Canada.

  • To receive a call, the caller must dial BaTelCo's access code (242-359-7626), wait for the second dial tone and dial the roamer's cellular number including the area code.

  • Billing is a breeze ... There are no activation fees for Roaming in The Bahamas and you will be billed via your home carrier at a rate of $3.00 per day and $0.99 per minute (plus toll charges for long distance calls).

Note: Roaming agreements are subject to change without notice. Additionally, a carrier may have a Roaming agreement with BaTelCo but opt to disallow Roaming in The Bahamas for some of their markets.



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